Type 4 cylinders

Type 4 high pressure tanks prove to be the best combination of weight, safety, efficiency and durability. Our cylinder concept is based on hybrid reinforcement technology consisting of combined carbon and glass fiber shells for maximum material cost efficiency. For weight-critical operations and pressures above 250 bar, full carbon reinforced versions are used.

Strong heritage

We are operating the world’s largest and most automated Type 4 manufacturing facilities based on 60 years of tank production and gas storage experience.

Increase and protect your market share

With more than 1,600 transport modules and over 0.5 million high-pressure tanks for hydrogen and CNG in operation worldwide, we are the world market leader for Type 4 tanks and systems.

Being approximately 75% lighter than steel, our products help you to achieve considerable operational cost savings through weight reduction.

Increased safety

The corrosion and fatigue-resistant properties as well as a high cycle performance lead to a longer life time of the system.

Our tanks are tested and approved in accordance with established safety standards and all processes are regularly monitored and controlled.

Increase and protect your market share
Increased safety

Explore our CNG and H2 applications

We are well positioned across the entire CNG and hydrogen value chain with vehicle tanks and systems for cars, trucks, buses, ground storage, transportation, marine and rail. We have adapted our proven technology to a wide range of storage and mobility applications.

CNG Light-Duty Vehicles

We are continuing to reinforce our leading position as the largest serial production manufacturer of CNG composite tanks for the automotive industry.


Our high-pressure tanks are perfectly suited for the storage and transport of industrial gases, and offer decisive application advantages wherever weight savings and corrosion resistance are key factors.


Thanks to our experience in the development of hydrogen cylinders for several OEMs, auch as Daimler and Audi, we are your reliable partner for complex tank development projects for FCEVs.


As supplier to the world ́s first hydrogen commuter train as well as first hydrogen vessel in the US, we are your reliable partner for customized gas storage systems for the rail and marine industry.


Resource library

Our Type 4 high-pressure tanks for CNG and hydrogen are available in the pressure levels of 250, 300, 500, 700 and 950 bar. Learn more about the technical specifications of our tanks as well as gas storage and transportation systems.

Case Studies

We have been adapting our leading and proven Type 4 composite pressure tank technology for a wide range of on-board, ground storage and distribution applications in the hydrogen industry. Read more about how we are partnering with our trusted customers to position their products for success.

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

Due to the lack of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in North America, Air Liquide bought a 950 bar (13,775 psi) transportable tank system from Hexagon. This system allows for maximum volume of hydrogen per module and will be used to set up a mobile refuelling station.

Powertech Labs / HTEC

The first retail hydrogen refuelling station is operated with a composite high-pressure stationary storage system consisting of six 950 bar hydrogen high-pressure cylinders developed and manufactured by Hexagon.

Industry memberships

We are partnering with renowned international hydrogen and NGV associations