Helium Storage & Distribution

High Volume Transport for Helium and Industrial Gasses

Helium is an extremely versatile gas used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Pipeline and infrastructure changes have impacted a shortage. Major industries rely on helium in their manufacturing processes and often do not have a suitable alternative.

Concerns rising over global helium shortage

Supply chain and infrastructure issues have caused helium prices to soar. These days, helium — often a byproduct of natural gas or LNG production — is used for everything from MRIs to smartphone manufacturing.

Success Stories Around the Globe

We have a strong track record delivering results with partners around the world. We are making an impact on 6 continents with economic and environmental benefits.

Helium Transportation

Mobile Pipeline® provides an ideal alternative storage and transportation option for helium. Our units are specifically designed for bulk transportation of compressed gases with light-weight carbon fiber composite cylinders.

Mobile Pipeline® is the cost-effective solution for
transporting Helium

Our composite cylinders hold four times more and weigh 75% less than steel tubes. The result: you spend less money to haul more gas and realize a faster return on your investment.

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